This is Document G: G.html

For the purposes of this demonstration, this will be a longer document which will provide the opportunity for scrolling and resizing, etc.


The actual content of this document is useless, of course. Content is not what matters here. Then what is? That it simply be. And that it be large. In that case, there must be a great deal of uselessness to it, simply to make it large.
One has to wonder about technology that inspires us to produce useless objects. Then again, you could argue that that has always been the case.

What's really frightening is that you've had to endure a strange look into Hagan's train of thought. I know it's been most disturbing for you.

Thank you for reading this far, although I can't imagine why you did. You weren't even supposed to be interested in this content, you were supposed to be scrolling and resizing and trying things out.
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