Tables: Mozilla's Top Eight

This is actually a table within a table. There is one table on the outside that is basically just a border. Then, there is another table on the inside with two cells: one for the image and one for the list. Also, the whole table is centered.

Mozilla's Top Eight
Count the fingers
  • Surfin' Lizards
  • Ballad o' the Dinosaur
  • Rules!
  • Monstrous Man Eaters
  • Stomp and Bump
  • Crusher
  • Net Salad
  • Rocks
<table border=3 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>
  <table border=0>
		<td rowspan=3><IMG SRC="./music.gif"></td>
		<FONT SIZE=+3>M</FONT>ozilla's
		<FONT SIZE=+3>T</FONT>op
		<FONT SIZE=+3>E</FONT>ight
		<FONT SIZE=-2>Count the fingers</FONT>
		<hr size=3>
		<td valign=top>
		    <LI>Surfin' Lizards
		    <LI>Ballad o' the Dinosaur
		    <LI>Monstrous Man Eaters
		    <LI>Stomp and Bump
		    <LI>Net Salad


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