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The Class

The Class

The class covered:

  •  what is html, and html tags
  • how does html code look in a simple page, created with notepad
  • how does this html look when displayed with a browser, plus how to view the source
  • how does Microsoft FrontPage help you make up a page
  • how do you do some more complex stuff on a page with FrontPage, like links, graphics, lists and tables
  • when you have a collection of pages, how do you set up navigation for the pages
  • how do you make these pages into a web site, and publish the site to the WWW

This web site follows the Frontpage tutorial in terms of how it is constructed, so it will also serve as an example.  However, I used the hyperlink rollover style for links, and I didn't apply a theme.  To display the use of both top and side navigation bars, I created an artificial layer of pages for tutorials and examples, each containing the links to the actual info.  This looks a little redundant, but helps to display how navigation bars work. 

If you would like more examples, or have any questions, please email me.