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Hagan visits these a lot

The Asylum
BoWeb '94 Award Recipients
Cool Site of the Day

Art, Galleries, etc.

911 Gallery
1492 Exhibit
Ansel Adams (UCI Bookstore)
ANU (Austrailian National University) Art History
Berlin/Prague Cover Page
Cliff Stoll's Performance Art Theater and Networking Security Revue
Cloud Gallery
Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit -- Intro
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Gallery of Pediatric Oncology Patient's Artwork
Le WebLouvre
MIT's IHTFP Online Hack Archive
Museum of Bad Art
Planet Earth
A Roman Palace in ex-Yugoslavia
Soviet Archives Exhibit
Sunsite based Multimedia exhibits and expositions
Travels with Samantha
Tour de France (from French Embassy)
U.C. Berkeley Museum of Paleontology Public Exhibits
University of California Museum of Paleontology
Vatican Exhibit Rome Reborn
Virtual Tourist (world map)
WAXweb, Welcome
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Museums

Books, Comics, Magazines, Newspapers

The Casper (Wyo). Star Tribune
Contemporary Fiction
The Gate
Glass Wings: All that is Fun Wise and Wonderful
Global Network Navigator (Digital mirror)
Electronic Newsstand
Future Fantasy Bookstore
Internet Bookstore
Mother Jones
The Mutant Page -- Comics
Palo Alto Weekly
PC Magazine
PC Week
Photon Magazine
Power PC News
Time, Inc.
Vibe Magazine
Ziff's Magazines


City of Palo Alto
New York City
Staunton Virginia

Companies: Computer And Software

Amdahl Corporation
AT&T -- You Will
CollabraSahre 2.0: Workgroup Software
Compaq Computer Corporation
Data General
Novell Inc.
RSA Data Security, Inc.
Silicon Graphics' SILICON SURF
Sun Microsystems
Tandem Computers
Wollongong Company & Emissary Product

Software for Sale

Virtual Shareware Library

Companies: Internet Consulting & Business

Dream On Cliptime Animator
Graphix Exchange
Monster Board!
Seahorse design

Companies: Other

Andersen Consulting
Burlington Coat Factory
ClariNet Communications
Federal Express
Gruppo Alternativo Tecnoindustriale (Italian Housewares)
Jupiter Communications
Pacific Bell

Daily Sites: Change Every Day

Cool Site of the Day
The Dilbert Zone
Today's Doctor Fun

Dining, Food, etc.

Alberto's Nightclub
Bay Area Restaurant Guide
Boston Restaurant List
Country Fare
Dining Out on the Web
Red Sage


Experimental Stock Market Data
FinanceNet WWW
NETworth Information Page
PAWWS Portfolio Management Contest


Addventure! (collaborative)
The Gateway to Othello
Web Pong
Yahoo's List of MUDs

Government And Municipalities

NII (National Information Infrastructure): Agenda For Action
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
City of San Carlos
Federal Reserve Board data
Government Databases
IRS: Internal Revenue Service
Letter From Al Gore To IETF
Library of Congress
NASA Information Services
National Library of Medicine (NLM)
National Performance Review
National Science Foundation
Office of Senator Edward Kennedy
Steve Crawford, Democrat for U.S. Congress, 6th Dist. MD
SunSITE-based Government Documents
United States Geological Survey
The White House
Whitewater scandal

Hollywood, Entertainment, Television, and Radio

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Oscar Nominations)
Babylon 5, The Lurker's Guide
Batman Forever
Buena Vista MoviePlex
Chris Clark's Movie Reviews
Concerts (Metaverse)
rec.arts.movies Database (Cardiff UK)
Internet Talk Radio (NCSA archive)
Internet Multicasting Service
KKSF 103.7 Jazz and KDFC 102.1 Classical San Francisco
KMPS 94.1 Country Music Seattle Washington
Mystery Science Theatre 3000
NewsChannel 5 Online (Kentucky & Tennessee)
Paramount Pictures
Sound Bytes: TV Theme Songs
Star Trek Voyager
Teen Movie Critic
WA1A 107 FM
WNUR-FM Jazz Information Server
William Shatner Sing Along

HTML, Being a Web Author

HomePage Publisher
Gizmos (Images) for HTML authors
HTML Quick Reference
HTML, the complete guide
HTML: Advanced usage
HYPE Background selector
LAL Gifs for Buttons
MacHTTP Info
Netscape 1.0 Extensions to HTML
Netscape 1.1 Extensions to HTML
RGB colors for text colors
Rutgers University Network Services WWW Icons and Logos
Tables on the Web
Web Communications - HTML Authors' Page
The World Wide Web Power Index - Icons
World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders
Yale HTML Style Guide
Cern: Style Basics
Netscape: High Impact Docs
CyberWeb's Top Tips for Web Authoring
Swiss ad agency: a demo
Interface Design for WWW Documents
Do's and Don'ts
Bad Style Page
Matterform Media: Design notes
Why the Web sucks by CJ Silverio


Dartmouth's Dilbert Archive
empty.tv.com (mtv.com satire)
Fun Stuff
Ren & Stimpy Feedback Page
The Dilbert Zone
Today's Doctor Fun
The Toilet
Yahoo: Entertainment:Humor, Jokes, and Fun


Bookmarks / Hotlists

Adam Curry's favorite web pages
BoWeb '94 Award Recipients
Green Eggs and Ham
Justin's Links from the Underground
Links from the Underground
Msen Interesting Servers
Karen's Organized Hotlist
Internet Resources List (Kevin Hughes)
A Thousand Points of Sites
Werdna's Hotlist
Werdna's Weird Stuff
What's Hot and Cool
What's New With NCSA Mosaic

Indexes of Commercial Sites

Companies (McBryan bulletin board)
Commercial Services on the Net (alphabetical)
What's New in Commercial Sites on the Web
Electronic Storefronts (McBryan bulletin board)
HTML Consultants Directory
Internet Business Directory
Interesting Business Sites on the Web
Yahoo: Business:Corporations

Indexes of Indexes

The Internet Index (like Harper's Index)
Internet Resources Meta-Index (NCSA)
Meta-List of What's New pages
Resource Guides (list from GNN)

Indexes of Search Engines

CUI W3 Catalog
The JumpStation Search Page
Harvest Web Search
The Lycos : Hunting WWW Information
W3 Search Engines
WWWW - World Wide Web Worm

Index of Servers

California World Wide Web Servers (CERN)
List of WWW Servers (USA - Federal Government)
World-Wide Web Servers: Summary (CERN)
World-Wide Web Servers: Full List
World Wide Web Wanderer (MIT)
Virtual Tourist - California

Indexes by Subject

EINet Galaxy
The Whole Internet Catalog
The Whole Internet Catalog (Digital mirror)
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
Yahoo - A Guide to WWW

Internet Surveys & Statistics

Bob Allison's Survey Averages
Creative Internet
GVU Center Survey
Jay Farrell's survey
U-Do-It Internet Estimator
Yahoo's Survey

"Live" Events

Illinois State Fair, August, 1994
Woodstock '94 Internet Multimedia Center
Personal NetCam


Current Weather Maps/Movies
Earthquake Hazard Map
Interactive Connecticut Map
Weather World Detailed Menu

Medicine, Biology and Health

Australian National University Bioinformatics
Welcome to ExPASy
Genome Data Base
Hopkins Bio-Informatics
Nutrition and Health
OncoLink - Cancer Information
The Virtual Hospital


Breakfast Records
BMI (organization of 160,000 songwriters and musicians)
Internet Underground Music Archive
The History of Rock 'n' Roll
The Musical Offering
The Rolling Stones Web Site
Sound Bytes: TV Theme Songs

Netscape Communications Corporation and it's products

Flattery by ROBJOHN
The Netscape Hall of Shame
Stupid Netscape Tricks
The World Wide Web Wonder Widget (The Mozilla Print Gidget)

Hagan-Authored Documents

Netscape 1.1b1 Demonstrations Pages
Netscape Animation Contest
Hagan's HTML Help

Feature Demos

Dave Simon's home page
Reality Factory


ACM (Association for Computing and Machinery)
The Juggler's Information Service
SIGCHI (Special Interest Group on Computer Human Interaction) '95
UI World

Playgrounds of the Web

The Asylum
Coke Machines on the Internet
FIGLET Service - Clever Ascii Fonts
Rainbow Confusion
UWI's Web's Edge

Resources, Reference

Books On-line, Listed by Author
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
Data Catalog
Global Network Navigator
SEC EDGAR Database
Sports Information Server
U.S. Patent/Full Text 1994


AHPCRC (Army High Performance Computing Research Center) Research
Applied Cryptography
Comet Shoemaker-Levy (JPL)
Cyrillic characters
Frog Dissection Kit Info Page
Quadralay Cryptography Archive
WebStars: Astrophysics in Cyberspace

Shopping on the Internet

Flower Shops

Absolutely Fresh Flowers
The Bonsai Boy of New York, plants, gifts, bonsai trees, evergreens
Grant's Florist & Greenhouse - FTD, flowers, fruit

Internet Biz

List of Internet Service Providers
Electric Press, Inc. Vol. 1, No. 1
SenseMedia Surfer CRISP Directory

Malls, Storefronts

Access Market Square
BizNet Yellow Pages
Branch Mall
Downtown Anywhere - Front Street
dube' juggling clubs
Internet Ad Emporium
Internet Distribution Services
Internet Information Systems
Internet Media Services Portfolio
The Internet Plaza(tm)
Internet Shopping Network
The Internet Presence & Publishing Corporation
InterNex: Matrix Marketplace
Open Market, Inc.
OnRamp Inc.'s Virtual Media Mall
Utah Businesses
UWI Shopping Maul
Welcome to the Internet Shopkeeper
Welcome to NetMarket!

Mail Order Biz

Baby Baskets
Hot Hot Hot (Sauce) Welcome


Britannica Online
CareerMosaic - Jobs
Global Electronic Marketing Service (GEMS)
Internet Bookstore
Stanford Shopping Center
Wedding Photography
Welcome to the Used Software Exchange

Unsorted stuff follows: Things I haven't had time to check out, sort, etc.

Random Stuff

Bill Gates & Tom Brokaw Interview
The 700 Club: Warning, some material may offend
California Speedtraps
The Loser Living Upstairs

Miscellaneous Indexes

Charm Net Big Trees
December Information Sources (introduction)
December Information Sources (index)
December Information Sources (full listing)
The Global On-Line Directory
Gopher Jewels
GNN Internet Help Desk
Index to Multimedia Information Sources
InterNIC's Pick of Top General Purpose Web Sites
John December's Index -- Text
The Mother-of-all BBS
Navigation System
Search Form (University of Twente)
Scout Report
Special Internet Connections: Last update 5/16/94
Synergy Solutions
World Wide Web Robots, Wanderers, and Spiders
World Wide Web Yellow Pages

Might Be Dead

800 Flowers
The English Server
The Event Horizon (~roland)
The Monty Python page
Say... -- Web speech
WebCrawler Searching
Zilker Park: Digital Relief Map of the US (Composites Browser)
O'Donnell, Wicklund, Pigozzi and Peterson Architects Inc.
Graphiti -- Custom Clothing