I don't need a last name. Do you know anyone else named Hagan? I'm going to be just like Cher, Madonna, and Sting. Well, except that I won't be anything like them.

People ask me what my name is when they're filling out forms. I say "Hagan". Then they write Hagan down in the last name field and ask "What's your first name?" I always want to say to them "Look, when someone asks you for your name do you go around like James Bond saying your last name first? No? Well, why would you think that I would". Instead I smile sweetly and tell them that Hagan is my first name. Except that it's not.

My Bookmarks file and My New 2.0 HTML Help Library are available for your web pleasures. Enjoy!

Who's Hagan?

    So, you're looking for that short summary of my life: my biography, in one page or less. Well, I just hate that sort of thing, but far be it from my to deny my audiences.

    I'm currently the GUI designer ("gooey designer", for the truly twisted) for Netscape here at Netscape Communications Corporation, formerly at Sun working on ShowMe, desktop video conferencing and on ShowMe TV, desktop brain death through television. I did lots of other stuff for Sun, too, but they never shipped any of it. Before Sun I was at MIT, (Course 6-3 for you fellow brass-rat heads out there -- you nerds. God I hated that place) where they put a firehose up my nose and turned it on. Thank god for my friends.

    I am originally from Cambridge (Massachusetts, not England) and now live with David and my cats in the Bay area. When I'm not working and have any free time (which isn't often anymore) I garden, take pictures, work in my darkroom, make pottery, cook, read (fiction, science fiction, graphic novels), listen to music (from Art of Noise to James Taylor), go swing dancing, and travel.

Tell Me More

    People (really, guys, in no particular order): Mom, Larry, Alan, David, Diana. From college: Jason, Jayne, Feeny, Skeezix, and all the other boys at TEP. From Sun's east coast office: Tim, Patti, Kate, Eric, Carol, Harry, Nigel, HBS, Kathy, Barbara. The folks I worked with at SunSolutions: Nannette, Jim, Brent, Darren, Vincent, Ivan, Todd, Jay, BobRob.

    I bought a car in March. This me and my mom in Sprout. Say hello.
    Sprout, my car
    Want to buy a perfectly good 1985 Toyota Camry with 123,456 miles on it? I'm not kidding.

    If you want to read up on one of my favorites topics, check out Male Answer Syndrome. Or if you're up for a quick chuckle, there's my Collection of one-line signatures. Someone mailed it to me and I've been adding to it. Oh, and here's the Other Borg, courtesy of my friends on the eit mailing list:

    • I am Homer of Borg, prepare to be assim... Ooooooooh donuts!
    • This is Porky Pig of Borg. You will be asi-asi-asi-asi-asi-asi... you will join us.
    • Yoda of Borg am I. Assimilated you will be. Futile is your resistance, um?
    • Borger King Burgers: We do it our way. Your way is irrelevant.
    • I am Pentium or Borg. Division is Futile. You will be approximated.
    • Bill and Ted of Borg: Borgus!

Current Events, August 1995

    My grandfather died on August 1, 1995 of throat cancer. I offer up a little Web memorial of him for you to enjoy.